Wednesday, September 29, 2010

World Wide Wednesday

Tonight was our first installment of international cuisine and culture aptly named World Wide Wednesday by our oldest son Jack.   While I originally intended to highlight one of the many countries in our family heritage, I decided to broaden my horizon.  We have lots of cultures to choose from within the family, but why not include Poland, the country we currently live in?  Couldn't I also include China? Italy?  Canada? :o) 

I chose Poland as our first choice since we're trying hard to learn about this country we currently call home.

Bigos photo courtesy of

On the menu tonight: Bigos, rotisserie chicken, broccoli and sliced bread with cookies for dessert.

Music: Chopin.  Thanks to the Pawlak family for their suggestion.  They were right, Chopin is the sound of Poland.

Bigos, translated as stew or hunter's stew (also as confusion, big mess, & trouble), is hailed as the national dish of Poland.  I see it on nearly every menu and all supermarkets.  A local salad restaurant even deviates from their veggie menu with a hearty offering of bigos & bread.  Full of sauerkraut, onions, mushrooms, and different kinds of meat, this 'stew' is cooked for hours and typically served with potatoes and bread.

The verdict on Polish Cuisine & Culture?
Bob:  Impressed.  Gave Mom the night off bed/bath/dishes duty. 
Laura:  Loved it!  Our next dog will be named Bigos.
Jack:  Only wanted the chicken.  Absolutely no bigos.
Vic:  No comment; he chose to sit under the table.
Bailey:  Too busy wolfing down chicken and broccoli to comment.


Jstar said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! I missed my favorite American-German-Polish-Kaz family :)

Laura said...

Thanks, glad to be here. We think your profile picture is great!