Thursday, March 26, 2009


As I sit here, the future is playing and giggling in the living room while the past echoes in my head. I found a lump in my chest and am trying to stay calm and positive. I'm breezy.

This morning I made an appointment with my primary physician who will take a 2 second look, then refer me out to a specialist. I have to wait until the 16th of April before that happens. So. I'm trying not to obsess about it.

..but, the past echoes in my head. My father died in 2001 after about a 6 month battle with cancer. In 2007, my father-in-law died of the *same* type of cancer after a fierce 2 month battle. Most of me believes there's nothing to worry about, but then I remember that neither of these fathers in my life expected this either.

So. I looked at my three children and my husband with new eyes this morning. If nothing else, this whisper of fear has reminded me of what is important in my life. They are a wise-cracking, giggly, goofy, rough & tumble, trains-for-brains, beautiful, crazy-haired (or no haired) lot, and I cherish them.

From 2009 Patch Barracks

Jack dressed as a Polizei at his Scouts Career Day.

From 2009 Patch Barracks

Vic Trains-For-Brains Sims

From 2009 Patch Barracks

Bailey rolls over for the first time.