Friday, January 23, 2009

The little old lady who lived in a shoe...

had so many kids that she kissed and hugged and loved them all. OK, that doesn't rhyme.. I'm ok with that. Besides I'm not little and old yet. My "I'm old now" date keeps getting pushed out.

We feel pretty guilty about not keeping up with the blog, especially now that our family is ginormous by our standards. Today is a teacher work day so Jack is home. Vic & I are still in our jammies and Bailey is in a formula induced haze on my shoulder... How about a post full of photos to catch us up? Works for me!

Jack's favorite after school & homework activity. These are mostly spaceship creations. He is in first grade now and his class is a multi-age/German immersion room.

Bailey is all round where I'm long and angular. I love it!!

Jack feeding bailey on Christmas day. He usually asks to feed Bailey during his bedtime story. :o) I've got *awesome* kids.

Good ol' Santa knew how much Jack likes cucumber and gave him one in his stocking.
My favorite Xmas morning photo of Jack, Aunt Cookie, Grandma, Bailey, Vic and the remote control. Vic is a boy obsessed with all gadgets and technical doo-dads. Here he is pausing The Christmas Story so we can take a family photo. Helpful, yes?

Vic getting help from mom while opening presents. Hey, who shrunk my jeans?

Mom, Jack & Vic riding the Dampfbahn (Streamtrain).

Mom, Jack, and Vic riding the Ferris Wheel.

Vic was decidedly not happy with his cost per thrill ratio.

Crazy subway riding!!

Aunt Cookie, Jack, Vic, and Bailey (back of double stroller) head to downtown Stuttgart with mom & dad to visit the Christmas Market.

The early morning hours of December 9th brought Bailey to the emergency room with spiking high temperatures. Bailey was only 5 weeks old and they admitted her immediately; we were given a room in the pediatric ward. Bob was in the states on business, and started flying back to Germany the same day. In the interim, my awesome, incredible friends and neighbors watched Jack and Vic and kept our home going while I was with little Bailey. I'm not sure how hospitals work in the States, but here the parent is required to stay with a young child as the nurses are not able to care for each kiddo individually. Not sure you could have pried me away from her anyway. Bailey and I ended up staying in the hospital for just over a week.

My friends and church friends stepped in and brought meals for Bob and the kids once he was at home. We're very, very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Bailey ended up having bacteria in her blood, specifically E. Coli, with infection in her kidneys & urinary tract, and was close to "multiple organ failure". Everything happened sooo fast. I thought she was coming down with something the previous afternoon, then by 4am of the 9th, I was racing her to the ER. My limbs went numb and felt incredibly heavy when the doctors told me the diagnosis, and what would have happened if I had delayed the ER visit until business hours. I kept thinking that we waited so long and worked so hard to have a family, and have lost so many pregnancies, that I don't think I could live through this kind of loss. How does one go on breathing with a child gone? I hope to never, ever find out.

The staff at Boeblingen Hospital was amazing, and Bailey has no lasting effects from her illness. The good Professor & Chief Doctor Manfred Teufel was on the case and saved the day!
Course, this guy might have had something to do with it too. Good thing Bailey was in his book of good little girls & boys.

Bailey getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Happy Vic with oatmeal gook on his chin.

Bailey a week before Thanksgiving... About 3 weeks old.

My good friend Julie baked this carrot cake for us and I'm ashamed at how much I ate all by myself. This was the best cake I've ever tasted.

Grandma feeding Bailey. We were so lucky that she could stay for about 2 weeks after Bailey was born.

Okay, that's all I've got for now. Hopefully I'll keep some sort of weekly post going. Off to take care of the kiddos!


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, I had to wipe my eyes and nose before commenting. I'm just in tears thinking of what you had to go through, and the fear of all the 'what ifs' and almost losing a child. I am so glad she is well and had no last effects. That is truly amazing.

I just adore that little hat on Bailey. Oh that is so sweet! Even though I have my heart set on a boy for my next child, you're making me want to have another girl! :-)

The kids all look so wonderful. You guys look so content. Full and busy, yes, but very happy too.

Thanks for the update, and I pray you all make it through 2009 with no more alarming trips to the ER!

Tina said...

What a great up date! I can't believe you have three children! Isn't life sooo busy now?!? Your kids are so beautiful. When do you guys come back to the states? If your ever in California let me know....don't you have family in San Diego? We would love to see you guys!

Steve, Kristine, Cole, Kade said...

It was so fun to read about your busy life..and very fun to see you at the basketball game and get a chance to catch up! Let me know if you need anything.. and we'll go to the bakery with you next time!