Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rocking Chairs, Rocking Babies...

...Rock-a-bye, Rock of ages.

I hear this Dolly Parton song in my head around 2am when we're changing diapers & feeding the baby. We do have two rocking chairs in the house and they're frequently both in use in the evening.

From 2008 Patch Barracks

From 2008 Patch Barracks

From 2008 Patch Barracks

From 2008 Patch Barracks

Bob will be gone for over two weeks for work, and I'll admit I'm a bit apprehensive. Well, I'm only nervous about the two rough parts of the day.. The morning routine/breakfast/walk to school and the evening routine/dinner prep, eating, bathtime, bedtime. Evenings are especially rough as the littles (Vic, 18 mo. & Bailey, 1 mo.) tend to need to eat, bathe, and bedtime at the same time. When I tend to one, the other is crying. Both need one-on-one time for either bottle feeding (bailey) or story time (Vic), and typically the other one is wailing in the background. It's nuts I tell you. I keep telling myself.. Just keep smiling! Or rather, kick, paddle, breathe until you're swimming like a champ.

We spent Thanksgiving with good friends who insisted we not cook anything. Thank God! We're still getting our feet grounded with our newest Sims, so this was a great gift. My friend is an especially good cook, and tried out a bunch of yummy recipes on us. Yum! My waistline suffered a setback with all the good eats, but it'll come off in due time. I'll get the okay at month's end from my doctor to go back to the gym - can't wait!

Bailey is getting more cute, smiley, giggly and plump every day. I wasn't sure what to do with this little girl when I heard what we were having. Now, however, I'm really loving how different she is from her brothers... and that I get to dress her in cute outfits! Poor girl is losing her newborn hair, but only on the front half of her head. It takes away from her beauty, so when the camera comes out or we go outside, I try to keep a hat on her.

This past week I got in contact with another adoptive parent from Vic's Baby House. She was there adopting her son in Oct/Nov of '07 from the same room that Vic was in at the time. I emailed her asking if she happened to have any photos of Vic and boy were we lucky. Vic was good buddies with her son, and she had about 15 photos of Vic at around 6 or 7 months old. For an international adoptive parent, this is a treasured gift that we wouldn't normally have. These photos will most likely be the earliest photos we have of our beautiful little boy, and I am so very grateful.


Jennifer said...

Wow! She's getting so big! And before you even pointed out the girly clothes, I was thinking, "Love the sweet little outfit."

I wish you all the best during the 2 weeks Bob is gone. I often wonder how the mothers of little ones do it all the time by themselves.

shannon said...

Its amazing how these gifts of our children's history come to us! We had the same happen to us this last October -- a family from another agency contacted Jim @ Olivia :)

Bailey is adorable!

Joby and Marla said...

Bailey is beautiful!!!!

We are hanging out in Kaz & can't wait to go home.

I hope the 2 weeks that Bob is away will go by quickly.

Vikings and Blueberries said...

Wow---that kid is going to be a stunner. How cute her little squishy cheeks are!!!
I'm such a sucker for babies as it is, but yours is particularly perfect! <3

Tricia said...

She is so darling!