Thursday, November 13, 2008


We've come up with some good nicknames for the kids over the past few months. I always wanted a cool nickname when I was young, and I guess I had one, but it was only suitable for my immediate family. So when I realized that our kids each had nicknames I got excited and thought I would share them with y'all.

From 2008 Patch Barracks

Jack, the oldest, is our Squad Leader for obvious reasons - his Uncle Jim gave him this nickname a while ago. It fits him well as he prefers his friends and siblings to willingly follow his lead, though this doesn't always happen. :o) I've also called him Cowboy for the longest time, but I have no idea why.. it just came out when he was a toddler.

From 2008 Patch Barracks

Vic is our Tank... He's built tough and rugged and lets nothing stand in his way - you should see how he walks! Chest puffed out, shoulders back, arms at the ready to clear a path. I need to get this kid on a soccer or football team pronto.

From 2008 Patch Barracks

Our littlest one, Bailey, is nicknamed Stretch. I have never known a baby, or grown adult for that matter, that stretches as much as she does. My word, no wonder why the last month of my pregnancy was so painful.. she was wiggling and stretching, rolling her head and arching her back the whole time. I really need to get a better photo of young Bailey. We have lots of video of her, but not many good photos of just her. Something to work on today!

From 2008 Patch Barracks

Here's a photo of the boys before our building's halloween party. Jack was Indiana Jones and Vic was a fuzzy bear. Both boys were very cute, and Vic loved wearing the bear hat - adorable!


Tracy said...

What a wonderful family... your a blessed person!


Maren and Peter said...

I always wanted a nickname too! Not much you can do with Maren though. Glad to know you guys are doing well. I always have to check in every once in a while. Congrats on the new little one!

Tricia said...

They are all beautiful photos of your children. Cute nicknames, too. The kids look so happy.