Friday, June 13, 2008

Hold on baby, Mama will be right there...

I'm leaving for the airport in a few minutes, but thought I'd share my itinerary..

Lufthansa flight 1357 Stuttgart to Frankfurt dep 11:15am arr 12:05
Lufthansa flight 648 Frankfurt to Almaty, Kazakhstan dep 1:20pm arr 11:50pm

Return flights are scheduled for June 21, Saturday next. Which is my brother's birthday!!! Big year for him, think he's turning 80. ;o)

My suitcase is ginormous and packed once again with diaper cream - all from donations that poured in while we were gone to Kaz on our first trip. We're also bringing goodies to our friends in Karaganda; good German coffee for our Peace Corp friend, scented hand sanitizer and people/fashion magazines to the interpreters.

Wish me luck next week during the embassy shuffle between the US & Germans. Knock wood that all goes as planned and we have no troubles bringing Vic home directly to Germany instead of going to the US immediately. Cross fingers, knock wood, and send good vibes to all the stone-faced paper shufflers.

I won't be bringing my laptop this time, so that means no new photos until I return with Little Bit. However, once I'm on the ground in Kazakhstan, I'll be sending twitter updates so you should be able to see where in the process Vic and I are at & how everything's going.

Gotta run. Baby's waiting. :D


dnd82001 said...

Safe travels, smooth sailings through the process and hurry on home so we can see your little one on his home turf!!


Sandi said...

Safe travels and I am praying that you sail right through the embassy processes so you can get back home.


Patti said...

Godspeed, little sister! I'm sure it will feel good to hold little Vic again! We are so proud of you all, and we are praying that everything goes smoothly, so that little Vic can begin his new life as soon as possible.

Jennifer said...

Safe travels! I hope all goes well. Loved the "stone faced paper shufflers" description. So true! :-)

Angela said...

YEA! You are on your way! Very exciting. Safe travels and lots of luck getting through all of that red tape!

Mark and Melanie said...

Fantastic news and the ability to follow on twitter is great. So glad to hear he's in family hands. And on Father's Day! Crongrats to everyone!