Tuesday, June 17, 2008

German Visa Application: Das ist richtig!

Well, as you have seen by Laura's recent Twitter update, it appears that she had success with her meeting at the German Consulate today. She's applying for a visitor's (Schengen) visa, to allow Vic entry directly into Germany prior to travel to the US at a later date. While speaking with her by phone late today, it seems that the appointment and application went very well.

Laura even mentioned that the German consular officer was impressed with with the documentation that I had organized for Laura. Wow - in the world of international adoption, that's an enormous compliment for me, especially coming from a German. That's sort of like the Bishop telling me I'm a good Catholic, or General Petraeus telling me I'm a good Soldier.

So, we remain hopeful that the Schengen visa will be ready for pickup on Thursday. Tomorrow, Laura has her interview with the US Embassy in Almaty. Best case, Vic's passport with the US IR-3 visa will be ready tomorrow evening, so she can then get the German visa inserted into the passport on Thursday morning. Our plan is for Vic to have both a German visitor's visa and the US IR-3 immigrant visa when he leaves Kazakhstan. The visitor's visa will get him through German Immigration, giving us 90 days to get his command sponsorship and SOFA certificate here locally.

A special thanks from us personally to Herr Andreas Schorle of the German Consulate in Almaty. We appreciate very much his email responsiveness, his clear instructions on exactly what documentation we needed to provide, and his understanding of our unusual situation. He is a refreshing find in the otherwise arbitrary and complicated immigration maze.

I started writing a post tonight describing what we've learned about immigrating an adopted child directly back into an overseas SOFA country, but I've decided to wait until I can organize my notes and references a bit better.


dnd82001 said...

Great job by all!!


Angela said...

Great news! Almost there!