Thursday, June 26, 2008

3 Reasons Why Military Families are Well-Suited for Adoption

1. We have an unusually high tolerance for bureaucracy. Forms, notaries, arbitrary office hours, waiting rooms and sign-in sheets, stamps and control numbers -- we've seen it all, and have been living it for a career. After a few years, you just eventually grow numb to it all. Building a dossier isn't really that big of a deal. The process of clearing most CONUS installations prior to PCS is just as hard, if not more so.

2. We are used to having our personal fate decided by arbitrary and distant administrators. Promotions, assignments (moves), and school opportunities are routinely decided by anonymous boards or administrators far away, based on policies and requirements that are frequently shrouded in secret. Every three years or so, your family gets pulled to some new location -- all faithful servants of a personnel system designed during WWII. So, the whole notions of arcane dossier acceptance policies, nationally centralized adoption authorities, and esoteric quota systems all seem perfectly natural to us.

3. Unmatched system of social welfare. If you think your only qualification to be a parent is that you once (barely) completed Basic Training, have no fear. The vast array of DoD-sponsored social services that are part of you well-earned compensation. Here is a look at some of the offerings at our small local garrisons. Don't forget health care, legal services, after-school programs, recreational programs, youth sports, family-friendly dining facilities, regulated child care, and much more.

On a bit more serious note, I think military families might also tend to be more open to international or trans-racial adoptions, as well. Many of us have traveled or lived abroad extensively, and that will definitely change your perspectives on different peoples and cultures. From my personal experience, I will say with certainty that my own travel has dramatically increased my sympathies and sensitivities towards other cultures.


Regina said...

I'm just catching up on your blog, and oh my goodness I am so very happy for you! I'm glad to see you made it home with Vic and are enjoying your new life as a family of four, not to mention getting ready to be a family of five!!! Congrats all around. :-)

All the best,

Jennifer said...

LOL! My sister and BIL are AF so it all sounds familiar.

Oh my gosh- he is GORGEOUS!! I didn't think it was possible to be even more handsome than he is in past pics, but he is seriously 'baby model' gorgeous! Having a family obviously agrees with him. :-)

... said...

Congratulations! He is one handsome little man....and WOW another on the way!


Shelley said...

I just found your blog and as a military family, I wholeheartedly agree with you!

Brian and Sonia said...

Bob and Laura,
Glad to see Vic and his wonderful family doing so well. I have a few pictures I want to send you. Please send me you email address.
Brian, Sonia and Addison

Bob Sims said...

@Brian and Sonia,

Thanks for the note! Sent by private email.


Sean and Malory said...

Hi! I found your Blog on the Internet. My husband & I live in Cananda & are currently waiting to go to Karaganda to adopt a daughter (expected in next 4 months). Like you we have a Biological son (7). I was looking for any information that would help us prepare for our journey.
Congratulations to your family on your new addition.