Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Return Date!!!

This just in... :o) I return to Kaz on June 13th, arrive in Karaganda on the 14th, and then he's all ours!! We've only been home 3 days and it's been so hard on us already. I feel like there is a huge chunk missing out of my life without my youngest here. We're in limbo... or at least we were until our stateside coordinator emailed our return dates & itinerary this evening. WAHOO!!!

I can't WAIT to hold my baby again. Can't wait to give him a good bath. Can't wait to rock him to sleep - even if he cries and cries, which he might. It's all part of parenting, enjoying the good & fun, while managing the rough and tough parts. We want so badly to have him here, and now that we have dates so soon, I'm just on cloud nine. Ten, even.

I'm so stinkin' excited I can't think straight. So, here are some more photos from our last day in Kaz.

Us with driver Sasha in Karaganda Airport.

Us with our pint-sized interpreter Julia in Karaganda Airport.

Have you ever seen Reno 911? This guy to the right of Bob is the Russian/Kazakh version of Junior from the show. He kept us smiling the whole way to Almaty. :o)


Tricia said...

Wow, you have news already. Incredibly exciting! It is not far off at all. But I can only imagine how much you miss Vic.

Jaclyn said...

Now that's an answser to prayer! I'm SO glad you have a date so soon to pick up your little man!!

Julie said...

WAHOO!!! May the days fly until Vic is with his family!

Kristine said...

Congratulations! What a faith building experience. Everything has gone amazingly smooth for you all. I bet you are out of your mind with excitement to get your little boy in your arms.

dnd82001 said...

Great news! Your son will be home before you know it and you can cherish all those moments you dream of!


Angela said...

Yea! Only a few more weeks!