Friday, May 30, 2008

Preparing for Trip #2

Laura spent most of today getting together all the documentation and shipping envelopes needed for her second visa application. This visa will allow her to enter Kazakhstan for her second trip.

You can share in our anxiety by following the visa application and (we hope) returning passport, with visa firmly attached, as they make their trips across the Atlantic. Check out these links:

Visa application (from Stuttgart to NYC via US Post Express Mail)
Visa and passport return (from NYC to Stuttgart via FedEx)

I spent a lot of time today researching the requirements to get Vic a Schengen visa so that he can come directly back into Germany with Laura, instead of going straight to the US. This used to be a simple process, but the US (not German) authorities here have made it considerably more difficult over the last two years. As I've posted previously, it's quite complicated, and unnecessarily so.

I accidentally found these neat little pins yesterday while searching for a book on Kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan - Friendship Pin

Laura ordered a few to give out as on-the-spot gifts during her second trip. I wish we had found them early enough for the first trip.


Tricia said...

That would be a bummer if they have to fly to the U.S. first and then back to Germany. Wow, I hope you can work your way around that. I love those pins. I bought a bunch to take over to Kaz. I hope I can find them, it was so long ago. I wonder if you can take that kind of thing carry on? You know it might be a weapon with that pointy pin on the back :)

Mark and Melanie said...

Are you using USPS because you are military and the delivery point will be an APO or do you simply trust the USPS to get you these docs?

Bob Sims said...

@Mark: we're using USPS for one-way (to NYC) and FedEx for the return. It's a risk we're taking because trans-Atlantic FedEx is very expensive, especially when paying on our end (in Euro). Using USPS for one leg saves us more than $80. We have a few more days to plan the second trip than we did for the first, so time isn't quite as critical. Of course, this does involve some risks. Bob

Tracy said...

Very cool pins. I may have to purchase a few! Would be funny if we all got some, and went to the same region and gave them to the same people. I guess they would know they have lots of friends in America.

Good luck on the second trip. I will be praying it all goes smoothly.

dnd82001 said...

Happy to hear that things are moving along..............thanks for the pin info - I just ordered 10 myself to bring along as little thank yous when needed - I think they are a great idea! And yes with all of Kaz adoption bloggers here, Kaz will know they have many a friends here in the USA but for they are truly godsends for what they give us!