Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Home Away From Home

Thought we'd tell you about the apartment we're staying in. At $60 a day, this place is a bargain! We enjoy a beautiful 2 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen/living room with a clean, new fridge, washing machine and microwave. We also have a gas stove/oven (full European size) which is great when the power goes out - only happened once. Getting this apartment just depends on when you arrive. You don't get a choice. There are three apartments here, and whichever one is available is the one you get. We're very, very lucky. It's not close to anything except the baby house, but we have figured out which buses to take if the driver the driver isn't available. We should be able to take a bus to the baby house, then on to the Ramstore, Internet Cafe, and City Mall.

Having said all this, though, I think that it's pretty clear from talking to some of the other parents that we have the best WPA-affiliated apartment available. It is ground floor and has its own hot water heater. The location is a bit dodgey -- about 100 meters from the railroad tracks. I'll try and post photos of the apartment.. and one of our little Vic of course.

Oh, and I have never seen such a state of the art iron as we have in this apartment. It's amazing. This thing forces steam at high pressure so it only takes one swipe of the iron to get the wrinkles out. We're sold and will look for one when we get back to Germany.

Yesterday was a holiday here in Karaganda. Possibly May Day? It used to be a Russian holiday, but the Kazakhs have changed the meaning of it so they could keep the holiday - the new name is 'All People's Day'.. we think. We're not sure the locals are certain themselves.

So, since yesterday was a holiday, we were only allowed one visit in the morning from 10-12. We are definitely attached to this little guy, and I think he's taking a liking to us as well. How could he not? We're the fun-time people who are at his every whim.

I've seen no problems with eye contact, and he really seems to do things to please us. He gets lots of praise from us when he crawls or learns other big developmental milestones. The first day we were with him, he crawled just a few feet, then did the belly crawl the rest of the day. The second day, he didn't crawl at all, but then I noticed that his knees were pretty roughed up from all the floor-time activity. And yesterday, the third day of visits, we saw a five-fold increase in crawling. He would crawl 2-3 feet, then turn around to receive his over-the-top praise. Then he'd be off again crawling. I'm so proud of him. He has the strength, but just not enough practice.

Vic is very easy to calm down if he gets upset... I am hoping beyond hope this sticks once we get on the plane and back home. The only time we can't really calm him down is when we change his clothes - he _hates_ this. Once we're done, he's just fine and very happy again. I also wanted to mention that he babbles a lot and says two words, well they sound like words: 'Stas' (his Baby House name) and 'this' which he uses when he picks up things or wants something. Our little one is brilliant, no?


Jaclyn said...

I'm just so happy for you and Vic...what a blessing for you all! He's SO handsome!! Love to all...

Julie said...

What a cutie! I can't wait to meet him and marvel at his brilliance. :)

Weltreisender said...

Hi Bob & Laura,

I just caught up with your blog, and am so happy for you all! Vic is just precious. What a sweet little face!

We will be thinking about you in the coming months, and can't wait to see you all when you return!

Much love,

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Congratulations!! Vic is handsome and obviously very happy to be with you. Best, Susan

Regina said...

What a beautiful boy! Those blue eyes are just heart-melting. He is going to be a heartbreaker.

And your apartment is awesome. Lucky you... in so many ways!

cookie said...

how cute! I am SO happy for you -- give lots of hugs and tickles from aunt cookie too please :) And a million thanks for keeping us updated -- I get so excited :)

Tricia said...

Vic has beautiful blue eyes. That apartment of yours in pretty hip for the Kaz standards that I've seen on other blogs.

Jennifer said...

I'm a little late in catching up, but he's GORGEOUS! I love those big, blue eyes!

Your apartment is very cool too. You guys really scored on that one!

I'm glad all is well and you're having fun both with Vic and exploring the town.

Unknown said...

Big brother Jack and Momaw send hugs and kisses for Vic! We can hardly wait to have him home! His high-chair is at the table. Thanks for posting the pictures for all of us--your apartment is great!
Much love and hugs,