Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Home Children

Note: I'm posting this a day late due to network access limitations. I've also published an earlier note. Apparently, we saved it as a draft without ever publishing it. Also, a short video from today to follow soon.

There are several important milestone dates for us here over a relatively short time. Yesterday was my birthday and Mother's Day, today was the last day of our required 14 days of bonding, tomorrow will be Laura's birthday, and the 19th of May will be little Vic's one year birthday.

Today we had a nice meeting with "Dr. Love", a name well known to most who have previously adopted from Karaganda. True to her name, she's a very motherly and big-hearted doctor who truly loves taking care of little kids. She is very quick to smile, is very kind to both the kids and the parents-in-waiting, and shows an infinite amount of enthusiasm and heart for the little ones.

Fortunately, the meeting did not reveal any surprises. Of course, we are interested in learning more about Vic's birth parents, so the doctor did share what few facts that are documented. She did share that Vic is a child who really likes to be held and cuddled. We already knew that from Day One of our visitation. She also remarked that she had observed marked improvements in his development and sleep quality, which made us feel very good about the time that we have spent with him to date. She also spoke of the future tense in very certain terms, "when you get home with him...," which also made us feel more confident about the process here.

We have noticed that Vic gets a little bolder and stronger every day that we visit -- as well as a lot more wiggly. I think a lot of it has to do with the confidence that he builds in having just a little bit of control during our visiting time with us. We've heard that the caregivers refer to babies that have bonded with their prospective parents as "home children" because they sometimes begin asserting themselves by crying when they're fed by the caregivers (instead of the parents), or by refusing certain types of food or drink.

We're happy to say that our little Vic has rapidly made the transition to being a home child.

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Unknown said...

Great news all around! Every day brings the three of you closer to home.
Love you,