Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bob!!! & Happy Mother's Day

Sorry for the delayed blog posts.. Bob has been working very hard on his professional development schoolwork (read: hogging the laptop :), and our only solid internet is during lunchtime at the cafe.

So today is both Bob's 37th birthday and Mother's day. We feel like both of these big days don't really count here. It's hard for us to remember them, actually, as every day here is the same. We wake up at roughly the same time, visit Vic at the same time, eat at the same places...

We measured Vic's length and head circumference yesterday, and plotted them on the baby growth chart provided by our Int'l Adoption Doctor. Vic will get weighed on his 1 yr birthday, which is on May 19th, and I think he's gained a bit since we've been here. Height & head wise, he's grown a lot. He's always been off the charts, on the small side, but now he's mid-stream for height and around 10% for his head. We call him our little jumping bean - or before he's had his food & very bouncy, full-o-beans.

Not much else going on. Will try to go to the Library today for their English language meeting. Not sure how that'll turn out. :o)


Tricia said...

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday (a.k.a. Happy Groundhog Day in Kaz)!

Patti said...

Bob and Laura,

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day one-day late, and Happy Birthday to Laura one-day-early!

We flock to the laptop day and night; we enjoy your blog so much. You are both such good writers!

Snuggles to little Vic from Aunt Patti and Uncle Mike, and hugs to both of you! These are happy days!