Saturday, May 3, 2008

Email Troubles

If you've emailed me within the last two days, please know that we'll respond to you eventually. My army account is having trouble downloading, and we time out. If it's urgent, just use my Gmail account to get in touch with me (Laura) as well as Bob's Gmail account.

That said.. on to the star of the blog. Today was another holiday, and only one visit allowed to us. Vic is definitely attaching nicely to us, which warms our hearts, but makes for a difficult time when we have to leave. He gets very upset and cries uncontrollably when we lay him in his crib at naptime. It just breaks my heart.

I was rattled when we left today after hearing him cry harder than I ever have (in the only 10 hrs we've been with him total). So, I forgot to leave diapers for his overnight. After lunch, our driver took us back to the baby house so I could drop them off. I was really hoping to just drop them off without Vic seeing us, but he spotted me as soon as I opened his baby room door. That little boy had the biggest grin on his face when he recognized me. He put his arms out to me to pick him up - they had him and his 7 friends on the potties. The caregiver untied him and gave him to me

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