Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Cheese Stands Alone

This was a great week for the kids of Room 5. Well, at least for three little ones.

Gregory, 11 months, is probably on his way home to New Jersey right now. His parents came back to Karaganda on Tuesday and he left with them that night bound for Almaty (& lots of paperwork).

Today we bid a temporary farewell to two children as their parents took custody until the end of their time here in Karaganda. Mona will eventually go to Paris, France with her parents Mercce (sounds like Machey) and Agnes - Oui Oui!! Timo will surely enjoy mayo on his french fries in Belgium with his parents Frank & Vera.

We will surely miss the company of these families, but are overjoyed at this amazing new beginning. No more sleeping in for these couples... at least for the next few years. :o)

So, for now, it's just Bob, Vic & I in the small visiting room. We haven't heard if there are any parents coming soon for their 2nd trip - I think we still have one sweet girl in our group waiting for her mom/dad to come back.

Enjoy the photos from today!

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