Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother Hen's Food Obsession

Does anyone know a good clandestine way of smuggling food into a baby house? I'm only half kidding.

Because he's turned over on 11 months, Vic is in a toddler room now that does not get baby formula. He's small for his age, and malnourished... so I'm obsessing about how I can smuggle food in. My level-headed husband keeps telling me that Vic's getting all he needs and we shouldn't rock the boat. What if I get caught? It'll only be until the end of June then we can bring him home and stuff him full of good food. He's right, but my mother radar is very hard to put aside... that my baby isn't getting enough nutrition and liquids.

Bob and I were joking about possible methods of secretly mixing outside food into his bowl of cream-o'-wheat & beef mixture. Mushed banana squirted into the bowl via medicine syringe? Vial of dry formula tucked up my sleeve?

In other news... we are completely in love with this kid. Despite all my worries about food, he is a very smiley, giggly, strong, active, talkative little guy. He's scrappy. To quote the movie "Raising Arizona", he's a little outlaw.

Bob tells this story from when he was a kid. His family lived for a while on a few acres in the piney woods of southeast Texas. They had a small camp house with a large garden and several animals, including horses, chickens, and goats. I would hesitate to call these six acres a "farm", as it was more properly a "ranchette". It was about as close to Mother Earth News as you could get in the piney woods along Village Creek.

At any rate, they had a dud rooster for a while, and as a result, some of the laying hens would sit on unfertilized eggs. These eggs would rot instead of hatching chicks. After it was clear that the eggs were not going to hatch, Bob's parents would buy pallets of live baby chicks from the feed store, and then empty the chicks out by the sitting hens. The hens would rise from their rotting nests and happily adopt all of the chicks. I suppose they never realized (or cared) that the chicks were not hatched from their own eggs.

We have thought about that story a lot over the last two days, as we now know exactly how those hens must have felt.


Amy said...

Congratulations on meeting your baby boy!! So glad to hear your story and know that you are in Kaz!!! Enjoy your adventure!

Joby and Marla said...

Your boy is beautiful! It sounds like you've found a match. I hope you have lots of fun bonding!!!

Susan C. said...

Congrats on meeting your son. I look forward to following along in your journey.
I love the chick story - very telling and very true.
Proud Mom to Jack (Kokshetau 10/06) & WFR

dnd82001 said...

What wonderful news !!

Sounds beautiful!!


Tracy said...

What a beautiful boy! Congratulations on getting there. I hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly.

I love how you all collected donations to help the orphanage. We hope to do the same thing!

Take care, enjoy your baby!

Regina said...

What a gorgeous and charming little boy!!! I'm so happy you have met your angel. Many happy bonding days to you! :-)

Kristine said...

Congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful - I cannot wait to see him in person. You all look so happy - I hope that things will continue to go so smooth for you.