Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Don't Have Time for This

Now that travel is imminent, I suppose I should begin getting serious about this blogging effort, so that our experiences might actually be of some interest or help to others.

In most adoption blogs, we would be at the point right now where I share out detailed packing list, our itinerary, pictures from our send-off party, our family care plan, and how all of our tightly orchestrated plans are coming together like clockwork.

Sadly, for us, this is not the case.

We fly in five days (three business days remaining). Our current status:
  • The "To Do Before We Leave" list is rapidly becoming the "Things that Won't Get Done Until After We Return" list.
  • The person who was supposed to be covering for me at work was just sent away for two weeks of travel abroad due to an (organizationally self-inflicted) crisis.
  • We've managed to lose the registration card for a vehicle that will expire during our travel
  • My dear Mom (Jack's guardian here during the trip) will arrive at the Stuttgart train. station some time tomorrow during my work day. I have no idea how we will get her from the train station to our house. She will be greeted by a kitchen that currently has no microwave.
  • I'm overdue on several critical updates and commitments to my two other web efforts.
  • I have two evaluations and The Leave Request (over)due for submission at work.
  • My Outlook inbox is full of meeting requests and messages with subject lines like "**Urgent!**", "Past Due", "Please read!!!". Needless to say, I've turned off my read receipts (related link, slightly NSFW). My boss, who has thus far been over-the-top supportive of this whole endeavor, will now be doubly-burdened in an already painfully (ahem) resource constrained environment.
  • We still have to organize all the charitable donations we received into some semblance of order for presentation.
  • I just submitted a Foreign Travel Clearance Request (required as separate action from leave request -- who knew?). No idea if it will be approved or not. I'm trying to pitch this as a "Personal Mission of Theater Engagement."
  • Our suitcases are all still empty. Actually, I'm still not even sure if I've unpacked yet from our trip to Morocco last Thanksgiving.
  • The power cord on our laptop broke.
My (late) lunch hour is over. Time to get caught up on work email -- from last week.


Angela said...

LOL! You will get some of it done! And, some of it not done - but that will be okay.

I have a feeling that we will be writing the same sort of post when our time comes.

Enjoy your 5 days of havoc.

Regina said...

Whoa, that some serious "to do's!" Time to discover what the truly "urgent" and "important" things really are. Good luck!

dnd82001 said...

You will get done whatever needs to get done and the rest will wait or better yet just go away!!

It's all good!

Angela said...

You'll pull it all together and when you get on the plane, you can just sit back and relax! You'll be in good hands once you land in Kaz. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm overwhelmed just reading that! Wow, wow, wow. Those last several days are CRAZY! There's no doubt about that. I remember I finally climbed on that plane totally and completely exhausted, but with a much lighter weight on my shoulders because there was nothing else I could do!

Good luck with all these last minute thing, and I hope the work situation gets better!

Tricia said...

Whew! Good luck!