Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello Beautiful !!

We flew into Karaganda Monday evening, arriving around 7pm. Went straight to a grocery store for staples & dinner, and then to the apartment. After the traditional "1st Night Spaghetti", we watched the movie "Thank You For Smoking" until we somehow ruined the plug for the dvd player.

Bob and I felt like kids on Christmas morning while waiting to go to the Baby House. When we met Stanislav (Stas), it was love at first sight... at least for us. He really liked all the kisses, but we could tell he wasn't used to getting them.

We're going to name him after my father-in-law, so his new name will be Victor Hugo Sims. Vic is absolutely beautiful. We'll try and post photos soon, as we've just got our dial-up internet access in the apartment.

When the nurses brought Vic out to us, they had obviously dressed him up for the occasion. He went easily to me, and gave me some smiles, then went easily to Bob... until all the attention from the interpreters & staff (& mom/dad) got to him and he started frowning & crying a little. I took him back and he calmed down very quickly.

One of the staff asked us if we liked him and we said yes, that we'd like to continue seeing him. Honestly, I don't think you could have pried him out of my arms. He looks great for his age & experiences. However, the poor little guy was the first in his group to get chicken pox. He's getting over it, but now has green medicine spots over each sore to dry them out.

Our first visit of 2 hours went by too fast and we put him down into his crib for a nap when it was time to go. From there we went to lunch with another US couple and their interpreter, Oxana. We all had a traditional Kazakh dish called Lagman, and wow, that was good. It felt great to talk with another couple who had just gone through all the first-day emotions.

After lunch, we went back to the baby house for the afternoon visit. The nurses brought him out, and he was all smiles when he saw us - obviously recognizing us from the morning's playtime. The nanny commented that he usually cries a little when going to sleep, but that today he was all smiles and went to sleep easily for his nap. :o)

He's in much better shape skills-wise than we thought. Vic has a lot of strength, but not a lot of practice... he can crawl, but only in short bursts, then he resorts to belly-crawling. He can stand, pull himself up, roll-over, and change toys from one hand to another.

The urge to pop him in our daybag and take off is overwhelming. He is so handsome and has beautiful blue eyes with long eyelashes, just like his brother. Vic also has blonde hair, just like his Aunt Cookie. :) His hands and feet are so cute - I pulled off his socks to take a peek.

Vic smiles, coos and talks more than we thought he would at such an early stage with us. He loves to cuddle and is very happy sitting in daddy's lap while concentrating on his pincer-grip to pick up a cheerio. He worked very hard to get the cheerio in his mouth, but took it back out - I think he's not used to chewing food. Vic played a game of chase with me, and it was the _cutest_ thing. He would crawl off, turn his head & smile, waiting for me to catch up.. then he'd take off again. Bob also got some sweet laughs putting Vic high in the air.

Our daily visits should be from 10-12, then from 2pm-4. We should be able to feed him at both visits, but were only allowed to feed him this afternoon. I think they prepped the kids early for the first visit, so he was already fed when we met him. The 2pm meal looks like cream of wheat with minced meat followed closely by a bottle of fruit tea. I'm not sure if or when he's fed formula, perhaps at the 6am feeding or at bedtime. We'll try to find out.

I'm amazed at how attached we already are to this little guy. Bob keeps me laughing with his "Raising Arizona" quotes... "He's an angel! Sent straight from heaven!"


Angela said...

YEA!!!!! So glad everything is going well with Vic! I just can't imagine. Actually, I am getting a little closer to imagining because we found out our dossier has been at the MFA since 3/4. I will be following along on your journey with great interest. I am taking notes! Enjoy your time!

Tricia said...

What a nice surprise to see a picture when the blog popped up. It is great that your first meeting with Vic went so well. He is adorable. Look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing more pictures. It must be bittersweet to be there, but without your other son. Skype and video cam to the rescue?

acwright said...

Great to see an update! Will check daily. Talked to your mom, Bob, yesterday and she was well. We will call from time to time to see if we can be of any help. Take care and it was wonderful to see Vic in your arms...makes us get excited to get to KZ ourselves in a few months!
~Allan and Claire