Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dreaming of Havoc

Bob and I are trying to tie up loose ends while we wait out these last weeks (hopefully) before we travel. One of the biggies that I've been putting off is getting our taxes done. This year was pretty easy tax-wise.. no home sales or deployment status to work around. For the second year, we used, which is a _free_ service to Active Duty Military. No perks or kickbacks here, just a happy customer. This little task that I've been dreading, really only took 1/2 an hour to finish, and they can e-file our claim. Sweet! I love the internet.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be asking around for infant medicine donations to take with us to the baby house. The tough part is that we all shop at the same 3-4 stores for American products, so there is a limited supply of everything. For example, I'm asking my mother-in-law (the sweetest in-law alive) to bring liquid infant vitamins with iron on her next trip. We can get plenty of liquid vitamins without iron, but no other options. I just thought of another thing to put on her list.. Infant Immodium and the dry packet form of Pedialyte. I hear that these things exist, but since we've lived overseas for the majority of our parenting years, I don't have proof.

We've also had a lot of discussions about baby names around here. Our 5 year old son, Jack, is in on the action too with some strong opinions. Fortunately, we still have our list of names from when I was pregnant with Jack, so we've been working from it. Bob and I have finally decided on a boys' name, but we'll hold off on sharing it (or a girl's name) until we meet our little one.

Jack is adamant about his name choice, but at least it is only on a 24 hour cycle. Today his boy name was Jude, the same as a good buddy of his. Yesterday it was Henry Jack, Henry after a train from the Thomas the Tank Engine set and Jack after himself. :) Two days ago he got very angry with us when we laughed at his suggestion of Havoc. That had Bob and I rolling with laughter at the dinner table. I think that's my favorite.. Havoc. Depending on our little one's personality, that may end up being a nickname. :)

Here's the definition:
hav·oc [hav-uhk] –noun
1.great destruction or devastation; ruinous damage.


Kristine said...

Hey Laura: Please let me know what we can do to help! I am begging you :-)

Angela said...

WOW! So, you are leaving soon! Did you leave your request open or did you ask for a specific gender? Congratulations! I hope everything goes quickly and smoothly!

Laura said...

Hi Kristine, thanks for checking out the blog. Are you a local? I tried to view your profile, but it's blocked. Email me at laura (dot) ann (dot) sims (at) gmail (dot) com to get more information about baby house item donations. Thanks!

Laura said...

Hey, Angela.. Our dossier went through the NY Consulate back in early December, so we feel like it's taken forever! We left the gender open knowing we'd probably come home with a boy... we're happy either way, just want another bambino. I hope your paperwork just flies! Good Luck!

Angela said...

Havoc is an awesome name - that is the best! You definitely need to keep that one in reserve. I am sure it will come back during adolesence.

Luca has pretty much stuck with Saskia the whole time. He once said Hannah after Sid's sister in "Toy Story." Jack sounds very excited to be a big brother.

I wish you much luck in your preparations!

Matthew Ruley said...

Havoc is a good word. This is a difficult process sometimes. Good luck gathering up those items to take with you! We're also waiting to adopt from Kaz.

keoghclan said...

Just found your BLOG. Best of luck on your journey to bring home a second child. Our stories are somewhat similiar in that we have one bio child a daughter who is almost 8,then our son Orin who is from Almaty Region, Kaz we brought home in 2006 (we did have a second trimester loss of our little son Ronan when our daughter was 2 and decided to complete our family through adoption)

I laughed my head off at what Jack wants to call the baby....the funny thing is our Orin is almost 3 now and every day you ask him his name and it keeps on day he is Thomas (like your son after the train) one day Flash McQueen after the car and the other day I asked him his name and he very proudly told me 'hard work' - what a perfect match!!! We laughed an laughed and it has kinda stuck now as a nickname for him - out of the mouth of babes as they say!!

Best of luck on your journey. I will include a link below to our BLOG, there are some fairly recent photos but we have been bad at updating the BLOG. Next month is a big month in our house, the second anniversary of meeting Orin, his 3rd birthday. We plan on updating then.

Take Care

The Keoghclan.

Kim said...

Congratulations on traveling soon! We returned last summer with Josh. Jude is one of my all time favorite boy names. Isn't it so great when family helps out with donations, we were overwhelmed too and ended up buying the orphanage new windows. :)

Kim (private blog, email for invite if you would like one)