Monday, March 17, 2008

Fundraising & Travel

Bob and I have been overwhelmed with the generosity of family and friends. In only a few days, we've raised over $1000 for the baby house, and will bring infant medicine & OTC items when we travel. We're just blown away.

I highly recommend doing a charity fundraising/OTC medicine drive while waiting for travel. We started by talking with a few friends at our church to see how much interest there was. Bob then drew up a quick flyer and posted it on the men's group website. You can see what he wrote on the website here. Note that he added a snazzy Paypal button on the top-right side.

We made sure to include that we were not using these funds or medicine personally or for any prospective child, but for the greater good of the whole baby house.

In other news, we heard this evening that we may travel around the 13th of April. Cue panic and general running amok. Wow, I think this may actually happen! I'm kind of in shock, even though I hoped to travel in a few weeks anyway. We've wanted more children for so many years, and it looks like the 'pining for more kids' days will soon be over. Jack still wants the new addition to move into his room upon return home. We'll see how long that lasts!


Angela said...

What a great idea! We are hoping to travel to Kaz soon ourselves. I would love to bring more donations to the Baby House. Thanks for the inspiration! ~ Angela

CarrieMomma5 said...

hi guys-
carrie and chris here (adopted from kaz exactly one year ago!)
we're so happy to hear you'll be traveling sooner than you thought!
kaz is beautiful this time of year!
tomorrow is emily's 2nd birthday and we're so glad she's in our life!
we'll be checking your blog often to read of your great news as God grows your family again!