Thursday, December 27, 2007

Relax! It's in the mail...

It's been a while, so here's a few biggies from the last 2 months. Back in the beginning of November, we submitted out dossier. From there it was off to translation for about a month. Now our translated dossier is on its way to the Kazakhstan Embassy in New York. From there, I think it heads first to the Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kazakhstan, then to the Ministry of Education and Science.

Next Step: Lots of waiting. It should be May or June before we travel to Kazakhstan. Okay, here's the positive spin.. Waiting until late spring or early summer is great since we won't need to bring big, bulky clothing in already crowded luggage. This also gives us pa-lenty of time to get that attic in order. Um... and finally do something with all our old photographs. Best of all, we have a lot of quality PlayMobile Castle playing to do with Jack.

In case you're curious about where Kazkahstan is, here's a good map to look at. I usually tell people it's south of Russia and West of China. I'm not sure if that's really helpful, though.