Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dossier Docs: Round 1 Complete!

The last two weeks were a flurry of activity for us.

We got word two weeks ago that our lab results were back, the last bits we needed to schedule our medical physical. This triggered a few days of frenzied coordination, as we arranged to get a doctor, notary, the doctor's medical license, and all the related paperwork in the same office at the same time. We exchanged emails with the lab tech, the doctor, and the notary.

Finally, last Thursday, it all came together. The doctor had a wallet-sized card certifying his medical license. He was most helpful and cooperative, although it was hard not to laugh during the "neurological exam" that felt more like a cross between interpretive dance and a field sobriety test.

We scanned the final documents, and forwarded them to our adoption coordinator, and she emailed back her approval on Monday. So, today, the stack of original documents, a cover letter, and yet another breathtakingly-large check went off by Express Mail to our documentation preparer.

Next stop will be apostille, followed by translation.

I can't express enough how much a relief it was to finally complete this portion of the process. We did it all in 90 days exactly from receipt of our USCIS approval, the I-171H, not including our home study and I-600A approval time.

In hindsight, there's nothing about building the dossier that's really hard, but it is maddeningly tedious. We found that the hard part was not getting the documents (for the most part), but rather tracking and synchronizing them all so that they are dated in relatively close proximity, and still "fresh" when we submit them. Most of the documents are only good for a year from the date of issue, and the medical forms can be no more than 6 months old when they arrive in Kazakhstan.

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Kelly and Sne said...

Sounds like you're making progress! Dossier preparation can be very frustrating so it's a good thing you can see the humor in it.