Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rock * Paper * Scissors

Last night, over a cappuccino and decaf Caramel tea, Bob and I divided up the remaining self-generated paperwork. All the documents that need crazy logistical planning went to Bob, such as getting our doctor, a copy of her doctor's license, a notary, us, and our blood test results all in the same room - Phew! I'll gladly take the remaining paperwork to generate or fill out.

It seems we're on a roll with our adoption documents coming in. Today we received our 171H from the USCIS office in Frankfurt!! To us prospective adoptive parents, this is a solid step toward our child, whomever he/she will be. This one little form is the first major step in allowing us to bring a foreign born orphan of unknown identity into the US as our own child. This form was a big hairy deal to get, and took for-ev-er! It should normally take about 6-8 weeks, but due to some technical glitches at our local USCIS office, ours took over 8 months to arrive. This calls for more congratulatory cappuccinos.

The 171H took such a long time to get to us, that our fingerprint cards are rapidly expiring. We have a little time left on them, as they expire in June of 2008, but that's putting it really close. If everything goes according to my wildest dreams, we should either be in Kazakhstan then, or on our way home with our new little one by next June. I'm sure we'll have to send in a fingerprint card renewal before all is finished, though.

Well, Jack is out of bed for the third time tonight. I can't wait until I get to reassure and re-tuck *two* little ones into bed. A friend keeps saying "Are you _sure_ you want another?" every time her two kids get unruly. Yes. Truly, honestly, I do.

I'm off re-tuck and to say the magic words my father-in-law once said to my son: "Sweet Dreams of Chocolate Flying Machines. Goodnight, I Love you." If that doesn't work, I'll use the old stand-by: "I don't hear any snoring in there!!"

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